Are you a youth leader, teacher or youth coordinator? Do you want to develop soft skills of your students, which will help them in
succeeding the job market, regardless of their profession?

Do you realise how important soft skills are on the labor market, but you don’t know how you can support young people in their development?

ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT this is something for you. Use the games we have prepared in your school / organisation. Combine youth sports and physical activity with the development of key competences.


We invite you to our YouTube channel, where you can see ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT games video records.

The Active Development project aims at increasing awareness about soft skills through physical movement and sports activities. If you are a youth leader or a teacher we encourage you to read the e-guide, which includes research behind the impact of sport on soft skills development and gives practical tips on how to use the game cards.


In the beginning of 2023, in order to validate ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT games, My Future volunteers conducted pilot projects during which they tested games with ideas for activities.

The participants were first year students from 5 different high schools. The aim of the pilot project was to introduce students to the ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT project, emphasise the importance of soft skills on the labor market and test the games developed by My Future. Based on the pilot project, the games were further developed and tested on an international pilot project in Portugal.


In May 2023, youth leaders My Future, Collective Education and EduPlus, along with selected participants from Poland, Portugal and Norway, met in Baraga to validate ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT games as part of an international pilot project.


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Partners: Collective Innovation – Norway, EduPlus – Portugal

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