The idea of My Future was created in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. During her studies, Natalia Rozanska (the founder of My Future) made an observation with the Scandinavian education system, that seemed more practical than the Polish one that she was familiar with. The Scandinavian education system gave students an opportunity to interact with professionals from various industries, which gave exposure to group work, or the development of soft skills.​

Each of us, graduating from high school or technical school, heard the question: “What university are you going to? Who will you be in the future?” Unfortunately, most people, due to the lack of exposure, had no idea which development path to choose.

Through My Future Natalia wants to give young people the opportunity to develop the skills required in the job market and raise awareness about possible career paths.


Bridging the gap between education and career.

Our mission invariably shows us the direction that we follow. It describes the purpose of our foundation and is a point of reference for our actions and decisions. In all projects, we remember that bridging the gap between education and career. We focus on the development of competencies that are important in the job market.

In the implementation of our mission, we are guided by the following words:

I heard and forgot.

I saw and remembered.

I did and I understood.


Our values represent the highest aspirations and goals for
how as colleagues, alumni, partners and members want to engage in activities that we hope will contribute to the development of this organization.

We would like every person who joins our team or takes part in ongoing projects to respect these values and contribute to making them as visible as possible in My Future foundation.


In our organization we support each other in development and strive for the success of every person, every youth leader, and every teacher. We believe in our people and enable them to take actions and decisions. We actively find solutions, face problems, and don’t give up even when things get tough.


We value honesty- we believe that only by building mutual trust, transparency, and honest dialogue, we are able to make a change for a better future. We share mutual experiences and skills. We are sure that with a well-coordinated team we can do more. We want to combine the individual goals of our volunteers with the goals of the foundation.


We believe in the words of Samuel Beckett: “You ever tried. You ever failed. Never mind. Try again. Lose again. Lose better.” There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of perfection. Perfection is a marathon, not a sprint, so we take small steps to make it long-term.


In our projects, we make an effort to make everyone feel needed. We value all dimensions of diversity and strive to model the fairness and justice we want to see in the world. In-depth intellectual debates are important to us. We see diversity as a strength because it allows us to learn from each other and develop empathy.


We are working to make a significant contribution to improving the European education system and giving young people a better start in their careers.

We are interested in new technologies and innovations. When creating our projects, we always remember to look at all perspectives. We are aware of misleading or inaccurate media and the need to verify all information.


We are aware of the importance of ecology and we understand that small efforts sometimes make big changes. When implementing projects, we try to use environmentally friendly practices and we constantly educate ourselves in this area. Environmental awareness requires not only the use of environmentally friendly practices, but also the ability to recognize when unsustainable practices are hidden behind an ecological mask.