Martyna Jakóbowska

is the leader and active member of the My Future team since 2016. Coordinates the partnership department and is actively involved in acquiring partners such as companies, schools or youth organizations, ensuring that they match the needs of My Future, but also that the foundation brings value to their daily activities.


Karolina Chojnacka

is the youth leader of the Project Management department at My Future. She coordinates the foundation's volunteering, deals with research for ongoing projects and conducts workshops. As a student of Business Management at Kozminski University, she uses her knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation and event organization for current My Future activities.


Anna Dąbrowska

is the youth leader of the Marketing department at My Future. Coordinates activities in social media and takes care about the visual aspects of the content created in the foundation. As a leader, she conducts organizational activities of projects and paying particular attention to inclusiveness and ecological aspects. In her free time she also deals with photography and creating photo-video relations.


Kinga Piaseczna

she belongs to the Project Management department, where she is responsible for research for ongoing projects and other administrative activities. Kinga is also responsible for coordinating pilot programs within the foundation. On a daily basis, she is fascinated by traveling and how to combine different learning methods in order to achieve the best effect.


Jakub Mirkowski

is a member of the Project Management department. He conducts research for ongoing projects, writes articles, translates texts and makes sure that all sources, used by the foundation are reliable. In addition, he actively works on the development of current projects and proposes new solutions and innovative ideas. Jakub is interested in economics and sustainable development.


Magdalena Nazarewicz

joined the foundation in June 2022, when she also became the Youth Leader of the GreenGo project. She performs her duties in the marketing department, running social media and researching the content provided to our recipients. She also creates photo and video reports from organized meetings. She quickly establishes contacts and introduces many innovative ideas in the life of the foundation.


Janusz Starck

his adventure with the foundation began in June 2022, when he took part in the GreenGo project as a participant. He belongs to the Project Management department, where he deals with research for ongoing projects. Due to his many years of experience in various sports fields, he focuses on the organization of the Active Development project. He is the youth leader who brings energy and a positive attitude to the team.


Wiktor Różański

joined the foundation in June 2022, then also became the youth leader of the GreenGo project. He belongs to the Project Management department, where he writes articles and searches for proven sources of knowledge and proposes new directions for the foundation's development. Currently, he also creates content for social media - he shares with curious observers of the foundation and inspiring books and movies.

Volunteer / Photographer

Beroo Alfi

during the events organisec by the foundation, he is responsible for photo and video coverage as well as content for the website and social media. Using his many years of experience, he records interviews with the foundation's partners and also prepares workshops for other volunteers about the basics of photography.