~What flying the world taught me about happiness~

Breakfast in Dubai, dinner in New York. Diving with the sharks in Durban on Monday, enjoying Opera in Vienna on Wednesday… Sounds like pretty intense schedule, huh?  Realizing that it actually was my own life for 1.5 years, still gives me goose pumps and an enormous smile on the face. The same smile, which boarding as a passenger on the plane you see on the faces of perfectly groomed Cabin crew.   Though- some are real some are fake ones. Let me share some lessons I learned while ‘’living the dream’’.

  • Happiness is state of mind

It really doesn’t matter where you live, what you do or what you wear. Some of the happiest people I know have the most complicated life. It is because they appreciate what they have, fully live the moment and dream big about the future, knowing it will happen (because while being happy they work on making the dreams come true.) I mentioned earlier that some of my colleagues had genuine smiles, but some fake. All of us were doing the same job, had relatively equal standard of life (which is high) and yet, the range of attitude was shocking. It made me wonder- why some people always have the energy to go and explore and some always have the reason to complain. It is actually that simple- because they choose to. Take a second and think which of those two types you are. And which one you would prefer to be. So, when do we go out exploring?

  • There are no Right or Wrong paths, as long as you feel happy about where you are and the idea of where it will take you in the future (even if the answer is ‘’I don’t know where it takes me’’, but the spontaneously of it matters for you at the moment).

This is why I don’t try to teach you, but inspire. We all are so different. Goals are different, types of ambition are different, you just have to realize: is it what makes you happy or is it something someone else says will make you happy. I have always believed in dreaming and working hard on my goals while grabbing the unexpected chances the life presents. Good things multiply and more you enjoy the moments you are in, better opportunities arise on the way- planned and unplanned, believe me!

  • What goes around comes back around

I experienced it so many times in so many ways! Sometimes the simplest gestures can make the biggest difference. Doesn’t make someone’s’ days give you joy as well? Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. On board, we faced never-ending challenging situations, behaviors, but approaching it with humanity always solved the situation. People who are willing to give without asking anything in return are usually the ones who are lucky to have support when tables are turned. Wondering why?

  • Never take your family and friends for granted

No explanation needed, right? Those are the people who are always there for you, no matter how far you are or what kind of trouble you have got yourself into. People, who support you for good and bad decisions and believe in you often more than you do in yourself. Happiness is real when shared. Although I love traveling Solo, every time I arrived in a new (or visited, it doesn’t matter) destination, I wished I could share the moments to the ones, that matter me the most.

Happy exploring!