Project Reference: 2019-1-PL01-KA205-063340

My Future in collaboration with Danish company Institute For Applied Knowledge and support of Erasmus+ (KA2, exchange of good practices and innovation) have organized a volunteer training pilot project. The main goal of the training is the increase of social entrepreneurship and soft skills among youth. As a result of the project, the partners created E-guide which can serve other organizations as a tool to support volunteer training.

We are after the first part of the DO MORE of what MATTERS training, which took place in Jedlnia Letnisko, during 29.02 – 01.03.2020. The training aimed at equipping the recruited ambassadors with basic knowledge about soft skills and the process of learning new competences. The acquired knowledge will be used by the ambassadors during implementation of the information campaign of FEP workshops.

We would like to introduce to you our Ambassadors. You will be able to meet them at your school, non profit organizations, etc. , where they will run an information campaign for FEP Workshops.

We are happy that we have such a skilled and committed team!


Kinga is a student of II LO Maria Konopnicka in Radom. She attends a class with extended geography, English, and social sciences. She chose this profile because she has always been interested in the world around her and traveling. In her free time she loves watching movies, hanging out with friends and visiting interesting places.  Kinga believes that we can achieve a lot with hard work.

Why she decided to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? First of all, to develop soft skills, such as presentation in front of an audience, time management, and to use English in practice.

Konrad Łuczak

Konrad is a first year student at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. He is studying Finance and Accounting. During the studies, he gains knowledge in the field of economics, accounting, and management, which allows, for example, to analyze enterprises and changes occurring in them. He also develops his interests by taking active part in the life of the Student Scientific Circle of Financiers, in which he organizes many events and competitions. He is also a soldier of Territorial Defense, thanks to which he can support the local community when needed. In his free time, he likes watching movies and traveling.

Why did he decide to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? Because he had already taken part in the FEP workshops organized by My Future foundation (as a participant) and when he learned about the possibility of helping to organize workshops for peers, he did not hesitate long and sent the application.


Martyna is a student at the Oskar Kolberg’s Music School in Radom. She attends the flute classes, which is her main instrument. She acquires knowledge not only in the field of playing techniques, but also develops her skills in the field of ear training, harmony, and the basics of composition – she chose this school because she always felt connected with music, and in the future she would like to be a composer and conductor. In her free time, in addition to musical activities, she loves to create spatial works, draw, fold paper models of animals, embroider, as well as everything related to artistic hand crafts. Martyna’s life motto is “You should constantly strive for perfection” because she believes that continuous efforts will allow her to obtain the best possible results.

Why she decided to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? Because she wants to gain new experiences and skills, which will allow her to achieve success. In addition, she is always happy to get involved in initiatives that can contribute to a better world.


Anna is a student of Aleksander Kamiński’s LXX High School in Warsaw. She attends the first class of a high school with a math, physics and IT focused profile. She chose this field of education, because in the future she would like to become an interior designer. In her free time, she attends drawing and horse riding classes. She loves hanging out with her friends and traveling.

Why she decided to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew?  Mainly because she wants new experiences in her life, which can support her in further career and education.


Adrian is a student of a high school in Wroclaw. He is a young, creative, and enthusiastic person, who constantly wants to develop. His favorite activities are dancing and performing tricks magical, cardistry, as well as photography. Adrian with great commitment, devotes himself to all his passions every day – his achievements, such as participation in the finals, testify to this of the global Odyssey of the Mind or performing at “The Finals 2019” in Hannover. The values that matter the most to him are those which he can see in Jesus. Adrian incorporates into his life all his commandments, trying to be the best version each other.

Why he decided to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? First all to polish up his language and soft skills competences, as well as spend the time with inspiring, like-minded  people.


Anna is a high school student from Piaseczno. She attends a class with a mathematical and physical profile. In addition, she learns drawing, because in the future she would like to have a profession related to interior design or fashion. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends, traveling, and engaging in social entrepreneurship initiatives. Anna’s life motto is “Without a goal you can’t score” – this is because Anna loves to set goals and strives to achieve them with determination. Anna’s two main dreams are studying abroad and starting her own business.

Why did she decide to apply to become My Future ambassador and become a part of DO MORE crew? First of all, to improve her soft skills so useful in a career development. She admits, that being a part of DO MORE is also a great opportunity to use English language in practice.


Julia is a student at the Warsaw’s Polytechnic University. She studies at the faculty of Management and Production Engineering. There, she acquires the knowledge that allows her to develop skills related to coordinating various technical projects or creating innovative production systems. In addition, she studies how to manage human resources, so that work at every stage of production is as smooth as possible. In the future she would like to become a qualified engineer implementing the latest technologies. Her life motto is “Never stop dreaming” because Julia believes that dreams mobilize us to act and achieve our goals.

Why she decided to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? Julia would like to learn how to present in front of a large audience and break her language barrier.


Olek is a student of Jan Kochanowski’s VI LO in Radom. He attends a class with a mathematical and physical profile with a specialization in computer science. There, he gains all the knowledge needed to pass the high school diploma at a level that allows him to enter IT studies, pursuing his life interests and passions. Olek is interested in programming, Eastern Culture, and computer games. In his free time he studies Japanese and is involved in the social life of the school, e.g. he organized an e-sports tournament in League of Legends – which is very popular. In addition, during the weekends he helps elementary school students to learn English. He serves as the ambassador of the City College Language Center in Radom.

Why did he decide to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? Because he wants to test his language skills in practice and broaden his knowledge in field of soft skills and teamwork.


Karolina is a student at the Academy of Art in Łódź. She studies Graphic Design, where she broadens her knowledge of design, workshop, and art history themes. Soon she will start an internship at the Grand Theater in Łódź. She also worked on a film set. She has always been interested in cinema, art, music, and traveling. 

In her spare time she loves watching series such as Dr. House or the Vikings, meeting friends, and organizing trips  – both locally and abroad.

Why did she decide to apply to become My Future ambassador and a part of DO MORE crew? Because she wants to learn more about social initiatives and meet new, inspiring people.