I have seen those words hundred times- “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. When I was young I got even a bit frustrated as I was trying so badly to cover all of my little passions into “who will I be in the future.” I love traveling, exploring, bike riding. I am interested in fashion, cultures, languages. I happen to be so lucky to do now what I “love”. I am working in business consulting company where every day I met different nationalities. I have company in fashion industry. I constantly travel.

Seems like now I should feel like I am not working even a day in life…but I don’t feel this way. In fact some of the days I feel like I am working 24hours! So I thought maybe something is wrong with me? Than I realised- nothing is wrong with me- there is something wrong with the idea I have been sold.Let me explain it.

Of course, it is the goal everyone should have- to keep looking for work which you enjoy, which you can combine with your passion and interest. But remember that you will have days when you are still very tired, when you have to wake up in the morning even tough you wish to stay in the bed. Most probably you will still have bosses, deadlines and some obligations -which sometimes will make you stressed.

It is like with me and traveling passion. When I was 18 I left home to study in Copenhagen and since than did everything to explore the world. I managed to get some scholarship for 6 months in Madrid, 6 months internship in Ecuador, work in Malaysia, study trips in Thailand. For some who were following me on social media it definitely seemed like never-ending paradise. I still do not regret a day of it, but there came a moment in which I was just missing so much a place which I can call HOME. A bit of stability, one bed, the same friends around.

What I am trying to tell you here is that even tough you will find that thing which you love so badly- there are going to be some days in which your love is not going to be so strong anymore. And it is very normal, so do not get frustrated. It is actually the same as it is in women-men love. Ask your parents- I bet they will agree with me.