Copenhagen Day IV

Early in the morning, we left the hotel slightly sleepy but curious about new experiences.

Today’s destination was the richest district of Copenhagen – Hellerup. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland is also located in this area. In front of the embassy building that looks like gentry court from the period of the First Polish Republic, our Danish friends from the KNORD school were waiting for us.

At the entrance, we were welcomed by Ambassador Artur Soroko and Łukasz Szymaczek who invited us in for a warm drink and something sweet. 

Then we went to the main conference room where the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Henryka Mościcka Dendys welcomed as and made a speech.

The Ambassador has been in office since 2015. She was previously the deputy minister of foreign affairs. 

We are sure that with such experience Henryka is really good at her profession. She presented to us a plan of the meeting and because of limited time, she quickly returned to her duties. Afterwards, the Ambassador Łukasz Szymaczek spoke  in a very interesting way about the Polish-Danish cooperation, the economics of both countries and the various initiatives that Poland and Denmark organise together. There were also some interesting facts about Denmark, such as “More pigs than people”, which means that Denmark is the largest producer of pigs. It is a number that oscillates around 30 million, more than the Danish population itself. Łukasz also mentioned one of the largest Polish-Danish conferences on organic food. The conference was organised by two companies: Polska Ekologia and Organic Denmark. Furthermore, Artur spoke. He told us about Baltic Pipe, the largest project of Poland and Denmark, concerning the gas pipe, which is to help both countries become independent from gas supplies from Russia. At the end of the presentation Artur and Łukasz shared their contact details with us in case we would have some more questions later on. It pleased us very much. At the end of the meeting the famous family photo was taken on the terrace, where we could also admire the beautiful view of the sea. Because the meeting was very fruitful, handshakes and thanks were endless.

    From the embassy building, richer in new knowledge and experience, we went to the hotel for a short rest. Short because soon we were going to have another meeting – this time with the managers of the Clarion hotel. Two very nice and at the same time professional women – Cecelie and Ingrid told us about their education and career, gave us many tips and advice for the future. We thanked them with flowers for the wonderful hospitality and pleasant atmosphere at Clarion Copenhagen Airport hotel.

Another highlight of the day was a surprise prepared by our partner – IFAK company. It turned out to be a 6-hour stay at TIVOLI theme park, where everyone can find something for themselves – from a slow carousel to fast and high DEMON (here I thank you Ela big time for bravely holding my hand in the speeding track). Rollercoasters were the main thing on the agenda!

     At the end of the day – the best – a concert of the  Danish star Rasmus Seebach. He gave a great performance of his best songs. The audience was going crazy. We, who did not know a word in Danish, had a great time as well, so imagine what atmosphere there was. The house was full of sensations, loaded with positive energy. Tired but really satisfied we came back to the hotel by train.