Copenhagen Day III

We woke up at 6:30. It was so difficult to leave the very comfortable bed at the Clarion hotel, but the thought of a delicious breakfast made it easier. At 7:00 we have left the hotel and took the train to the place called Ballerup. At the station, the partner of My Future from IFAK, Carsten Thornhøj picked us up from the station and we drove to the headquarters of NETS- the company specializing in digital payment solutions.

We got to know on the way that NETS`s office is one of the most secured buildings in Denmark. (it is because the company takes care of such important things as payments!). We were welcomed in the reception by the manager, Thomas Hansen. He was all suited up and very friendly. He told us to follow him to the meeting room where he will tell us more about the company. Meanwhile, we could make a use of the coffee and tea facilities in the lobby. Even in the lobby, we could feel the touch of innovation, very innovative coffee machine made our latte with one touch of a finger! Another thing which grabbed our attention – were fruits in the basket at every corner. We could clearly see that Danish employers take care of the health of their employees!

We felt in NETS like on a real business meeting. Having so much experience and seeing our a bit scared faces, Thomas has loosened up the atmosphere telling us about his life in our age. Thomas is now 28, and before he could call himself Merchant Partnership Manager he was a postman and a lifeguard at the swimming pool

One of the most important advice we got from Thomas is not to be afraid to go out of comfort zone and that BIG things come from small things.

After getting to know Thomas better, we got to know more about NETS, the digital payment systems in Denmark. We also got to know that NETS has acquired a polish company called Dotpay. Thomas has asked us about digital payments in Poland, so we even had a chance to have a small business talk 😉  We were very curious to get to know more about Thomas tasks and what skills are required to reach as far as he has reached. He was so open to give us advice, which we are sure we will remember for long!

After the meeting, we got a tour around (very secure) office and ended up in very cozy lunch place with a little garden, where all employees had lunch together (it doesn’t matter if you are Big Boss or administration employee in Denmark everyone eats in common canteen).

After (very delicious, but super quick) lunch we were on to another part of the day, so called, the the NETS`s TECH SAFARI. We got to know there a very friendly developer, who first explained to us how the innovations are happening at NETS. Then we had the opportunity to get to know a new friend- robot Mr. Peper, try the virtual reality glasses (we did IKEA shopping with VR glasses) and made shopping by use of face recognition.

At 4pm it was a time to give back the access cards (even though some of us wished they could come to the office the next day 😉 ) Visiting NETS was so inspiring and Thomas was for us a real example that we can achieve a lot by being determined.

After the visit in NETS it was a time for some sport activity! In the morning (before the NETS visit) we were told to take with us the sport clothes for change, then we got to know that we will take part in Charity Run organized by the sports club FC Nordsjaelland and Right2dream Academy. On the spot (Farum) we met some more people who joined the run (some skilled football players among them). We could run as many kilometers as we could in one hour and for every kilometer, the partner of My Future – IFAK has donated 100 DKK for a good cause. It felt so good to contribute to a good cause and at the same time get inspired and see how Danish companies support people in need.

It was long day…and all the time we have been communicating in English. We slowly have started adapting some English words when we have been communicating in Polish. In the evening we had a chance to have a dinner with Agata Plechan. As you can understand by name, she a polish native 😉 The dinner was in a great restaurant in the heart of the city. To reach it, we walked the famous street, Strøget. It was the second time we met Agata, as she has been one of the speakers at the events. This time she told us about her life in Copenhagen (where she is currently living) about being an entrepreneur, managing MyCity Highlight (a very nice tourist guide) and her daily life. We were so tired after long, but a very inspiring day, that it was for some of us a relief to be able to finally talk and ask questions in Polish.

After delicious dinner and desert, we walked back to the metro station admiring Copenhagen with the evening lights..Such a charming city!