Conference about non-conventional education in Denmark.

On 14th of December My Future foundation in collaboration with the Danish partner Institute For Applied Knowledge represented by prof. Carsten Thornhøj, as well as Danish schools Vækstværket – VIA & Dania Studentervæksthus and Dania Academy Denmark have organised a conference about non-conventional education. During the conference the facts about the gap between education and career world have been presented. There has been strong emphasise on the lack of soft skills teaching (eg. communication, presenting in public, creativity, proactiveness)
The idea holder of My Future, Natalia Rozanska presented the idea of the Future Entrepreneurs workshops and its influence on soft skills teaching that are based on solid insights in learning and undisputed knowledge of human development. Presented facts, were the base of the debate, which took place in the second part of the conference. We got to know how the Danish youth perceives practical learning in form workshops and what kind of changes in education they think would prepare them better for the job market.
We have collected information from students to apply for more research in the coming year.
For sure, we have a very interesting year ahead of us!
BIG thanks to all people who were involved in the event.