About us

My Future is a non-profit organization established in 2016 in Poland. The main goal of the foundation is to bridge the gap between education and career. At My Future we are trying to discover and activate the full potential of youth, enrich their network, and help them in improving the practical skills, as well as soft skills. In many of the projects, we are using a Scandinavian approach to education, which is based on learning by doing concept.

All the activities that we are implementing are based on the following words:





The IDEA behind MyFuture….

All of us already heard or will soon hear the question “What’s next?”.The founder of “MyFuture” Natalia Rozanska realized that it is one of the most irritating questions for young people, just like you. You have to choose the field you would like to educate yourself in at a very young age. You are around 16-18 years old, and have never tried to work. You might know the duties of architect, entrepreneur, cook, or marketing manager only from fancy movies and TV-shows.Wouldn’t it be easier if you have had a chance to listen to the professionals about what the job is about? Ask questions? Understand all opportunities?At My Future, we believe that if one would fully understand the opportunities,  one would have much higher motivation to dream and look forward to further education and career. We also believe that there is a missing link between education and career. Most people at a young age do not see sense in studying, as they do not know how they can use the acquired knowledge in the future. We want to cover this gap and show that working hard while being a student can bring  a bright future.

Additionally, the traditional education system does not put enough emphasis on the development of soft skills, which according to the research are extremely important in the job market. That is why My Future Foundation, in its activities, also focuses on the development of soft skills.



Volunteering is much more than work and commitment to a good cause. It is a way of thinking about the world and one’s role in society. Many organizations and initiatives depend on the active help of volunteers, especially young people. Anyone can be a volunteer. All you need is the motivation and willingness to work and learn from people in the community. 

Do you have some free time?  Would you like to develop yourself, gain new experience, and grow your network of contacts? 

By donating some of your time, you can gain useful experience and be proud to say that you have done something meaningful for your community and for yourself. 

The My Future Foundation recruits volunteers on an ongoing basis and involves them in projects. My Future volunteers are involved in various departments: project management, marketing, IT, administration, partnerships, event coordination, etc. Volunteers carry out most of their tasks online – depending on the project the volunteer is involved in – there may be a need for physical meetings in Poland or travel for a training/project implementation abroad.

Please note that the number of volunteers we recruit is limited. Successful consideration of your application depends on your motivation, interests, current projects of the foundation, your skills (soft and hard: communication, leadership, foreign languages, teamwork, coding, knowledge of Microsoft package, Canva, etc.).

If you are interested in joining the My Future volunteer team, please email us at hello@my-future.info. We will let you know as soon as we open the 2023 recruitment. 

The recruitment for 2022 closed on 15 March 2022



Our volunteers